What others have said about the Remains

For more than 30 years, the May 1966 Capitol Records audition tape by the REMAINS has been one of the great unreleased wonders of rock & roll—a legendary studio performance—of such explosive exuberance and muscular force that it has been, for those lucky enough to hear it, a religious totem of all that was manic and marvelous about mid-’60s pop.
— Rolling Stone, March 20, 1997
Had these Boston bad boys stuck it out beyond their 1966 debut, we might today be calling them–and not the Stones–the World’s Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll band. As it is, The Remains most certainly are America’s greatest lost band.
— Mark Kemp, Paste Magazine, June 2007
The Documentary: America’s Lost Band
World Premiere, 2008 Boston Film Festival
”America’s Lost Band is a fascinating retelling of one of the great what-might-have-been stories of American music of the ‘60’s.”
— Box Office Magazine
Garage heroes.
— The Guardian (London)
Le legende americaine.
— Sud Ouest (Bordeaux)
A strong contender for the finest overlooked American band of the mid-’60s. American rock & roll at its best.
— All Music Guide
They were the most exciting American band of their time.
— Jon Landau, Spoonfed Records 1978
The Remains were the band that led the way for Rock n’ Rollers in Boston
— Peter Wolf, The J. Geils Band